Photo exhibition “Terns – graceful shuttles” in Veisiejai


Photo exhibition “Terns – graceful shuttles” in Veisiejai

The mobile photo exhibition “Terns – graceful shuttles” continues its tour through the protected territories of the countrie. It is currently exhibited in the visitors’ center of Veisiejai Regional Park in Veisiejai. We invite everyone who is interested in nature to visit the exhibition in Veisiejai and to learn more about the terns living in our region.

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Photos by Rimgailė Zelenauskaitė

The colony of Common Tern settled on the island at the junction of Veisiejai and Niedus lakes in the regional park has been known for many years. Several dozens of these birds together with Black-headed Gull breed on the island. It is the most abundant colony of the Common Tern in the South Lithuania. The Niedus State Ornithological Reserve was established here in 2005. The area important for birds’ protection for the protection of the   breeding Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) was established in 2006. Eighteen species of waterfowl breed on the islands and their coasts. You may conveniently observe the noisy life of terns and gulls from afar from the high shore of the lake and find detailed information about the birds and the colony at the information stand by the lake.

Lithuanian Ornithological Society and its partners State Enterprise Inland Waterways Authority, Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park Administration and UAB “EKO STOMA” have initiated the exhibition. It is one of the activities of the project “Adjustment of key stakeholders’ capacity for improvement of Common and Little terns conservation status in Lithuania (LIFE TERNS )” (LIFE17 NAT/LT/000545). The project is co-funded by the EU LIFE programme, Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and project partners.

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