Project partners


Lithuanian ornithological society

Lithuanian ornithological society (LOD) seeks to conserve all bird species in Lithuania by protecting their habitats and, through this, to work for the world's biological diversity and the sustainability of human use of natural resources. Society works with more than 400 members, including politicians, scientists, students, birdwatchers and general public, while organizing public awareness compaigns, dealing with related legislation approvement and implementation issues. The Lithuanian Ornithological Society is the largest membership NGO in Lithuania. It has a unique position in promoting the results of reserve management to the Government and general public in Lithuania. From 1994 society is affiliate member of Birdlife International.

The LOD is the Coordinating Beneficiary and is responsible not only for general project management, but as well as for implementation of preparatory, monitoring, practical conservation and public awareness activities. 


Lithuanian ornithological society

Naugarduko str. 47-3, LT-03208 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone/fax:  +370 5 213 0498



The State Enterprise Inland Waterways Authority

The State Enterprise Inland Waterways Authority (Vidaus vandens kelių direkcija –VVKD) following the Decree of the Lithuanian Government is responsible for supervision of the inland waterways of national importance and seeks to secure safe navigation conditions. The organization implements the following activities: digging the riverbed of the waterways with the aim to ensure necessary characteristics of the waterways, formation and repair of the dikes (special hydro technical structures for regulation of the riverbed), constant supervision of the waterways, and implementation of other hydrographical works. On average, during one navigation season, to ensure necessary characteristics of the waterways up to 400 thousand cubic meters of soil are excavated with dredgers and approximately 14 dikes are formed. These activities are in line with the project activities, and, in particular, formation of the new sandy islands/beaches for the breeding terns. VVKD is also responsible for hydrographical measurement and supervision of the waterways. These activities are also supporting the objectives of the project.

The Associated beneficiary VVKD is responsible for formation of new sandy islands as well as maintenance of Common and Little terns breeding habitats in the Nemunas river. The VVKD will also contribute to the project management, preparatory, monitoring and public awareness activities.


State Enterprise Inland Waterways Authority

Raudondvario road 113, LT-47186 Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone +370 37 322 844



Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park Administration

Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park was established in 1992. It covers over 25 000 hectares. The Regional Park was established to protect the unique structure of the big winding loops of the Nemunas with spurs, depressions, ridges and outcrops, forests of Punia and Prienai that have retained features of Lithuania’s former woodlands, mounds with the remnants of ancient settlements, original flora and fauna, natural fish migration routes and spawning places. There are 13 sites of NATURA 2000 and 11 sites of European Community importance in the RP. The total number of plant species is 950, of these 4 are protected in Europe. The total number of animal species is 1343, of these 53 are protected in Europe. There are 210 bird species (48 are protected in Europe). NKRPD seeks to: promote natural and cultural heritage complexes and objects, traditional ways of life; facilitate cognitive tourism, applied scientific research and environmental monitoring; safeguard the landscape’s ecological balance and ensure the sustainable use and regeneration of natural resources.

Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park Administration is responsible for implementation of practical conservation actions in the park. The Administration will also contribute to the project management, preparatory, monitoring and public awareness activities.


Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park Administration

Tylioji g. 1, LT- 59206 Birštonas, Lithuania

Phone/ fax: 8 (319) 65 610

Phone: 8 (319) 65 613





JSC EKO STOMA performs water cleaning services in different water - bodies: removes sludge, silt, grass vegetation, arranges and shapes coastlines, digs and deepens new waters as well as old, overgrown and silt ones. EKO STOMA is highly experienced in water cleaning services and was performing various activities in the protected areas of Lithuania.

JSC EKO STOMA is responsible for practical conservation activities in Kalviai gravel pit. The company will also contribute to the project management, preparatory, monitoring and public awareness activities.



Pramonės str. 9 / Šiaurinės str. 2, Telšiai LT-87101, Lithuania

Mob.: +37068525700; +37256241055; +37068525666;