Preparatory actions

The main responsible beneficiary is the LOD, other beneficiaries will support coordinating beneficiary according to their competence and responsibilities.

Preparatory actions are related to the proper planning of the species conservation measures and cover four sub-actions:

  • Preparation and negotiation with stakeholders technical/restoration plan on the implementation of the technical tern habitats management measures in the project sites;
  • Preparation and endorsement of new Common tern SAP, review and re-endorsement of the current Little tern SAP;
  • Preparation and endorsement of Vasaknos and Niedus SPAs management plans;
  • Revision and endorsement of Novaraistis, Lake Kretuonas and Kalviai gravel pit SPAs management plans.

The technical plan (TP) on the implementation of the practical habitat management actions in each SPA will be prepared during the Inception phase of the project and submitted for competent authorities for comments. Both species action plans (SAPs) and sites management plans (MPs) are of crucial importance for the long-term strategy of the species and their habitats protection in the country. The SAPs and the MPs will identify conservation priorities, certain SPAs in Lithuania, conservation measures, their objectives, responsible institutions, provisional budgets and methodologies for the assessment of the management measures effectiveness.