Project’s seminar in Birštonas


Lithuanian ornithological society in cooperation with the project partners State Enterprise Lithuanian Inland Waterways Authority, Nemuno Kilpos Regional Park Administration and JSC “EKO-STOMA” on July 30, 2019, in Birštonas organised a seminar “Conservation perspectives of Common and Little terns”.

The event attracted various stakeholders: staff from protected areas administrations, representatives of Birštonas municipality administration and tourism information centre, LOD members etc.

Speakers gave an overview on the conservation status of Common and Little terns, discussed possibilities of practical conservation methods applied on Nemunas river islands and expected results, as well as various protection measures.

The second part of the seminar was devoted to the field visit to Nemuno Kilpos regional park – participants had an opportunity to see project sites.

Two presentation were presented by the LOD staff: Eugenijus Drobelis, communication specialist, presented “Conservation perspectives of Common and Little terns in Lithuania, plans and challenges”, while Marius Karlonas, project ornithologist, put emphasis on situation in this particular territory with the presentation “ Common and Little terns in Nemunas Kilpos regional park – success stories and setbacks”.

Moments of the seminar. Photos by Gediminas Petkus


Project manager Justina Mažulė welcomed participants and presented agenda of the event


Seminar’s participant


Project communication specialist Eugenijus Drobelis 


Project’s ornithologist Marius Karlonas


Field visit to the project sites


Island overgrown with shrubs and trees



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